Friday, August 7, 2009

North Idaho Land Rush

Lake lots for $2,000? Yup, just get in a time machine and go back 40 years.

Ozzie Walch was an interesting guy. He was a yell leader at the U of Idaho, I wish I had a copy of the photo of him with the megaphone. He was known as The Wizard of Oz and had a CdA Lake resort with the Land of Oz theme. And he was a real estate pioneer of sorts for lake property as this ad shows.


  1. My husband's Uncle was Ozzie Walch. Maybe we can come across a photo of him as a yell leader sometime in the future through Ozzie's children. If we do, we'll pass it on to you. Really.

  2. I knew Ozzie for over 30 years, and currently own a cabin in Shorelands on Totos Ln. I would like to find a copy of this brochure.