Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Return of the Old Koot

I started this blog a couple years ago.  It was part autobiography and part (illustrated) history lesson, but it turned into part political rant.  I was so irritated by the McEuen issue (still don't agree with either side) I went off with too many blogs about it.  I'm still pissed about parts of it but have come to the conclusion that I'm better off if I quit caring about it.  Not like I go there now anyway.  So, I've yanked all six McEuen blogs.  Twenty years of angst, don't ask me about it.

But I am making a commitment to return where I began herer, with stories about growing up in CdA, local history and family and friends.  My way-early new year resolution will be write here at least a couple times a week.  Hopefully I can still entertain and enlighten with my 57 years of memories.  Some of my best stuff is already 2-3 years old.  If you haven't read them, I invite you to take a look back to the start of this blog/series.

I sorta disconnected with the (cyber-) world this last year.  Some of you may recall that I made recycled fish art, RainBrew Trout, using beer bottle caps and cans.  In the fall of 2011 I was bummed that while I had been featured in a national magazine (American Angler), had a website (don't look) and hundreds of "fans" on Facebook, I was giving more fish away than I was selling.  Even setting up at the Downtown CdA Sunday Markets with my old friend and fellow folk artist Jerry Moss netted me no sales. 

Not that I begrudge giving fish to worthy causes, if I can't write checks at least there's an item that can be auctioned off.  I have given them to Children's Village, The EXCEL Foundation, the Hydromaniacs, the MS Octobrewfest and others and am happy that each was able to get some bucks from them.

I recently got an order and sitting at the workbench over a beer I am also committing myself to start creating these colorful fish.  That means I need to get the website back up and am even considering returning to Facebook.  Jeez, I can't believe I just wrote that.  I'm opposed to a concept where one man becomes a billionaire with no product other than the vanity of mankind.  If I do jump back on it will be to promote RainBrew Trout and keep Dave Walker a minimal presence. 

OK, with all this I guess I'm off and running.  Watch for more gems and junk here on a regular basis.  

Did I mention I can be bought?  I'm a certificate holding Reverend and preform a damn good wedding if I say so myself.  I still love to MC & DJ at car shows and if you're looking for someone to speak for you, the golden tones fit for radio (maybe that was face fit for radio) is always ready.