Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Before the Coeur d'Alene Resort

The top photo is of the "new" North Shore Motor Inn. I'd guess mid to late 60's. Looking around it you can see the outdoor pool at center rear and convention center on the east end. Above the North Shore is Templin's, the Desert Hotel across the street and Playland Pier closer to the park. Just east of the convention center is Inland Marine and you can clearly see that boat docks were aplenty.
Where Independence Point parking is now was then just a dirt lot. The Milwaukee Road building is gone by the time this was taken. On Northwest Blvd what is now the Museum of North Idaho was then the Co-op Supply, the west end turn around for Sherman's cruisers.
At the corner of 2nd & Sherman is the Telephone/Johnston Building prior to being covered with the black facade that still covers it. The then new JC Penny store sits center of the block where the CdA Resort Plaza is today (having been moved from it's previous location which is now Brix).
The North Idaho Junior College campus is visable, well at least the one main building that it was at the time. The recently closed DeArmond stud mill is showing smoke from the burner and you can see where Hwy 95 crosses the Spokane River between it and NIJC. Yup, go straight to cross to Blackwell Island and head south or turn left onto the Dike Road.
The lower photo of the expanded North Shore would have been taken in 1972. I know that as I worked as a dishwasher in the brand new Cloud 9 resturant that summer (a job that sucked so bad when I quit after 8 days I was the longest employed dishwaher).
Of course all this is now the world famous CdA Resort. Things change and how many of us have watched Coeur d'Alene go through these changes in our lifetime.
As usual, stay tuned for more historic photos. And please pass The Old Koot on to anyone you know who would enjoy seeing CdA the way it was.


  1. I worked at C-9 too. 1982 - for about 5 years. I was a busboy and banquet waiter..I loved it. I always felt the dishwashers had it bad there! I miss that place, really.
    Bob Koep

  2. My CHS class was the first to hold their Sr. Ball at the North Shore Convention Center in 1966. It was the first time that it was moved off campus from the building at 15th and Hastings.

  3. So it must have been built in 65. And rebuilt how many times? Speaking of schools, I miss the old Jr High on 7th. Can't believe the dolts on City Council at the time just tore both buildings down. Imagine how one could have served as a community center all these years, something akin to Harding Center but with room for more local non-profits and civic groups. That's what happens when you sweep an election on one (Save Our Shoreline) issue and they don't have a clue on anything else.

  4. I was born in the parking lot too....way back in 1945. Sure do miss cruising Sherman in the early 60's, from one end to the other.... I doubt these Californian's could ever appreciate (or understand) what it was like.

  5. Darrel SalisburyJuly 4, 2014 at 12:16 PM

    I arrived in the Coeur d' Alene area in 1938. My first memory is of a cabin at Gotham Bay (then Squaw Bay, political correctness doesn't erase old memories).
    The cabin was still there when I visited in 2001. I took pictures. My family moved into Coeur d' Alene about 1940, buying a house at 613 Indiana Ave. my father worked at Farragut Naval Training Center until the end of World War II. He (Fred) then operated Salisbury Sign Service with his brother, Bob, until an incompetent (crooked?) business manager drove them into bankruptcy. They, & I, then moved to southern California in 1950. I attended Central Elementary School & Coeur d' Alene Junior & Senior High Schools, then located at 7th St. & Montana Ave. & left a lot of memories.

  6. Thank you for sharing these. Some people forget that Templins was then separate from Northshore. Love your info here. Do you remember what the cafe was called in the North Shore? They had great butter horns!

  7. I worked at the Cloud 9 myself.....Maybe 71 or 72? My brother in law Mel Bertsch was the bar manager of Templins in Cd'a for many, many years. Great memories.

  8. Templin's had a very nice restaurant. Too bad Bob Templin got run out of CDA.