Thursday, August 6, 2009

More CdA City Beach Scenes

Here are two more recent photos of City Beach. These were taken after the changing rooms were taken out from under Playland Pier. The lower photo clearly shows where the steps went from the seawall down to the water. That's where the walkway to the dock is visible in my previous blog photos.
Both photos clearly show how the docks were situated and where the swim meets would have been in between. The lower photo also has the island dock and beyond it, the Union 76 Ball (sign) for the gas dock. It also shows the North Shore in the background so it would be the mid to late 60's. The upper photo I'm guessing is a few years later.
Thanks to all who make comments and add to the memories or clarify things I may have missed or are mistaken about. Stay tuned, I still have more to come.


  1. In the late '50s and early '60s the docks were in the shape of an "H" and an "I". There was also the island dock. Sometime in the early to mid-1960s the "H" dock lost its "legs" and became the "L" dock that's in the picture. I think the North Shore opened in 1965, so your guess is probably is accurate for dating the lower picture.
    The lifeguard in the upper photo graduated from CHS in 1970 and worked as a lifeguard during his college years (1970-74).

  2. That lifeguard looks a lot like me! I worked as a guard in the 70's and spent a lot of time up there saying "please stay clear of the log booms!" I worked with three beautiful guards, Jodi & Sam Baxter, and Pam Stickney. We also had Joe Johnston (Dr. Johnston's son) and Chuck Ford, of Ford's Appliance and TV. Wow small world. Need an autograph?