Friday, October 16, 2009

Road Construction Season

Now that 4th Street through Midtown is almost finished, I suppose we're near the end of the 2009 road construction season. To celebrate, here are a couple photos from the building of the first version of I-90 along the lake. This was early to mid 1950's.
The upper photo is the construction of the Blue Creek Bay bridge. It was built with help from the Army Corps of Engineers. The problem was the bottom of the lake was deep muck and they had a hard time setting footings. Using new technology, they pumped concrete down to the bedrock.
The lower photo shows some of the earth moving efforts to provide a roadbed along the lakeshore.
Just a short one today. Hope it'll be a short winter as well.


  1. I remember the thrill of traveling the new Highway 10 (nee I-90) for the first time. The old way into town circled up the hill from Wolf Lodge around Blue Creek Bay and then down the hill again closer to town near Whitesel's summer home. It cut untold minutes off the trip. Fourth of July Pass was also a more difficult section of highway...more curves as I remember it (and a tunnel on top?). Dad was career Air Force and the trip was an annual affair from Virginia, Massachusetts, or New York depending on his duty station. After the new highway opened, the Reids moved the Shady Rest down from on top of the hill to its location adjacent to Blue Creek Bay. Great food...but an odd location. Thanks for the memories...

  2. I remember the tunnel up 4th of July Pass, I think it was the last of a couple tunnels built for the railroad. It was used as storage for the highway department before the last major rebuild/widening project. The Shady Rest was cool, I remember going to dinner there and boating through the tube under the road to get to the little marina. I don't know who was trying to fix it up these last few years but it now looks abandoned again.
    Thanks for YOUR memories. 8-)