Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cowboy Duds

If you wanted to look cowboy, the best place in North Idaho to go shopping was the Bar-B-Q- Ranch. Jack and Hilde Kellogg ran the Bar-B-Q and it was here that my folks bought most of my blue jeans, at least a couple sets of boots, a hat and the obligatory western cut shirts.
The Bar-B-Q sat where USBank is in Post Falls now, northwest corner of Idaho and Seltice. It was, as you can see, a great place to pull in tourists with the original giant cowboy. an assortment of wooden Indians out front and animals ranging from dinosaur to chicken on the roof.
Jack never failed to hand me some Bazooka bubble gum every time we went. I was always amazed with the wide selection of colors of boots and shirts, the hats, Stetson and others, and a gift shop full of all sorts of western/wooden novelties.
Jack passed long ago but Hilde went on to elected office, her claim to fame being helping get the greyhound track approved and having the mechanical rabbit named for her. Is it really 25 years ago when each race started with the announcer's call of "Here comes Hilde!"?
Time goes on but so do the memories and the photos to go with them.


  1. I remember that place well....as a young kid-each time we drove by I was amazed! Thanks Dave.
    Bob Koep

  2. I love jogging peoples memories 8-)

  3. Hilde turned 92 on Oct. 17. She served as president of the Chamber, on P&Z commission, as a city councilor and at two different times served multiple terms as an Idaho State Representative, retiring from the Legislature four years ago at the age of 88.
    I knew the BBQ Ranch back in my youth but it's been knowing Hilde for the past couple of decades that has been a real pleasure.
    Thanks Dave for the walk down Memory Lane!

  4. I bought my first pair of button fly Levi's there for 5 bucks.

    Dave Thompson

  5. Randy Wells has the sign in the back yard of his old place. If you are interested. Better hunt him down soon. Otherwise, it may be headed to the dump by October 1 2015