Monday, September 7, 2009

Sherman Avenue

Ah yes, Sherman Avenue. It was our version of American Graffiti. I met my wife "tootin' the gut". Things have certainly changed over the years, the late 80's saw the "revitalization" of downtown with widening of sidewalks and Sherman going from 4 lanes to 2. This photo taken looking west at 4th & Sherman I'd guess is late 60's or very early 70's, the Oldsmobile on the left looks like a 68.

Looking down the south (left) side of the street we see Hart Drug, a beauty salon, Coast to Coast Hardware and Woolworths, now Java, San Francisco Sourdough, Pita Pit and Sherman Square Park. Beyond that I can't tell/don't remember (I should find an old Polk's city directory). Some of the businesses farther down on the next block were Western Auto, Bank of Idaho, JC Penney and the Gold Cup, now the Resort Plaza takes up the entire block.

On the north side of the street is the Kamera Korner which over my memories was also Ruth's Children's Wear, the Penny Candy store and now the Beacon (I may one day expand on the California Carpetbagger who booted from the building the candy store, an attorney and Ace Travel after 34 years). What is now Brix was at the time Mariposa if I recall correctly. Prior to remodeling this was where JC Penny was. I remember getting clothed off the husky rack in the upper "balcony". You can't make out much from the photo but on down the street was IXL Toggery, Merrill's Cafe, the Sportsman's, Clark's Jewelry (the clock's still there), Lighthouse Sporting Goods and what is now Wells Fargo was the Hagadone building (1967-1971) with Everson's Jewelry and Floyd's Camera on the street level and upstairs were the Hagadone offices, Dr. Toyama optomitrist and Ace Travel. On the next block were Gridley's Clothing, Shamrock Bar, Hudson's and The Wilma among other things.

I've got more photos, stay tuned and please leave comments on your memories of Sherman and what I missed between 2nd & 4th streets.


  1. The memory cells are a bit stimulated by this one...Walking with my grandfather to Idaho First National Bank when it was located where the Kamera Korner is located in this picture...The beauty salon/school next to Hart Drug was the MarcSu Beauty and I believe it was owned by the Everts family...Western Auto was the city's only record store at one time (can't remember the name) where I spent many a dollar on the latest 45's. At the corner on the south-east side of Third Street was a bar (Fritz's Corner?) which attracted a rougher crowd than some of the others. Next to it to the south was a cleaners and a boarding house/apartment building if memory serves. It may have been gone by the time the picture was taken.

    It must have been taken after Labor Day or before Memorial Day judging by the traffic. If it were July, your Dad would be taking his life in his hands standing in the middle of the street between Dingles and Powell's Shoes..

  2. I need to dig up a couple old city directories.
    This was scanned from a post card.