Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lakeside Days 1957 Program

Let's see how many pages I can post.
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MOhawk 4

60,000 visitors!

The waterfront looks pretty industrial at the time.

Ben's Spudnut, now Capone's.
RexRexall, in the Desert, see the previous blog for the pic.
Everson's address became 107, home of Ace Travel for 34 years, now an art gallery.
A tug-o-war between lumber mills, this was serious!

Miss Lakeside Days, insert wolf whistle.
Yes, many businesses are this old.

Broderick Motors, now Architects West.

The New Studebaker!
Club Cigar & Sport Shop, fishing licenses up front, booze in the back.
IXL Toggery, when your parents really wanted you dressed up.
Gridley's, now the Painter's Chair.
Louie's is of course the Paul Bunyan.

Hart Drug, great magazine rack, now Java.
YJ Packing, fresh meat & sawdust floors. Hwy 10 is now Seltice.
Yes, there was a time when sailboats weren't outnumbered by jetskis.
The parade featured Miss Lakeside Days & her court, that's over.

Pines & Powell's, now the Iron Horse.
The baseball games were at Person because there was no McEuen at the time.

Central Motors, now Tito Macaroni's.
The boat races were not the hydroplane races, that was a different date,
Cruise Lake CdA on the Dance-a-wanna and the Sea-wee-wanna.

The Showboat was roughly where the rental storage units west of the I-90/NW Blvd/Ramsey interchange are.
Inland Marine was where the CdA Resort Convention Center and cruise boats are now.
The Lighthouse was the biggest hunting & fishing store. They had cases on the sidewalk where local fishermen displayed their big catches on ice. The loan offices for Wells Fargo are there now.

Sunset Raceway was roughly where the Shilo Inn is on West Appleway.
Knudtsen Chevrolet is now Headmasters.

Can't remember if it was Holsum or Bogge Brothers who tossed mini loaves of bread at the parade. Much better than candy.
Must have got darker earlier then, fireworks at 9:30pm.

Ray Jones Marina is now 11th Street Marina.
Remember S&H Green Stamps?
The Shady Rest was a great place. When Hwy 10 became I-90, it was cut off from the road. It's the somewhat abaondoned place you see behind the fence east of town. Bummer.

Kennedy Buick is now Takara & the Olympia.
First Federal S&L is now Canton Chinese.
The Boots & Saddle is now the parking lot for O'Shea's Irish Pub. Their Thursday smorgasbord was awesome, said the growing boy (me).
Stay tuned for what I throw at you next.


  1. Really like what you're doing, Dave. Collective memories might help keep things straight.

    I don't think Rex Rexall was in the Desert Hotel...it was on 4th next to Fowler's (across from Wards and 1st Federal S&L). And I think Broderick's was where the Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company is...Pool Motors (Studebakers) was across the street where the architects are now.

  2. Great post! Norm's TV was located at 1901 N.4th St. The building now houses a bike shop called Bicycle Sales & Service. Let me mention a few other names; Victory Inn, A&W Drive-in, Castle's Court (neighborhood store and cabin rentals.) Someone needs to collect all this, thanks for starting.

  3. Was trying to go off addresses. I think I need to walk around downtown again.

    How about these: FrosTop, Wagon Wheel, Lakeview Courts, Crystal Plunge, Forest Festival Days, The Viking & White Pine. The list goes on longer than I can.

    Help, info, verifications, it's all welcome. Thank you!

  4. I see a little ad here for Mathew's Chevron and Elsie's Dakota cafe!
    My Dad worked for Chevron, and as a kid I remember Matts Chevron (early 1960's)and his wife Elsie had the little diner next door on Appleway. When Matt retired, they tore down his place and built Doug Higleys Chevron in 1965 right next door. This was across the street from that big field that latter became Buttreys and the first CDA Mall. Elie ran her cafe for a few more years, it was a really great place to get cheap eats. The Elkhorn was on the other side of Elsies. When they tore Elsies place down they put in that KFC.
    Great memories!

  5. Great adds Steve. Thanks for your input.